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About Us!

Karina Botha, founder and owner of Olive Media, recently started her business after enrolling for a course in Social Media Marketing. She discovered a passion for marketing and was intrigued by the digital and social media marketing world!

She is tutoring Physical Sciences at a private institution and her hobbies include dog training, watching movies and practicing the "arts of crafts"! She is also the editor for the Limpopo K-9 Academy newsletter and enjoys family (and dog) time!

Karina continues to study social media and digital marketing to stay updated and is enrolled for a course each semester.

"Technology is changing overnight and you need to keep track of the newest trends. It's tiring, but I completely love what I do! This is my passion!"

Karina is currently busy building a portfolio using Facebook for marketing. Click on Olive Media Portfolio - in it you will get an idea of how powerful social media is!

Located in Polokwane, the heart of Limpopo, Olive Media focus on helping small businesses to reach their true potential, using Social Media Platforms. But what does it mean?

Every business knows to reach potential clients, you need to advertise. 20 years ago, advertisements were in the newspaper, on television and posters against walls.

Currently the most effective way of marketing is done on-line... In 2000 there were 2,4 millions internet users in South Africa, in 2005 3,6 million users, in 2010 there were 12,4 million users - in 2016 there were 28,6 million internet users! 52% of South Africa's population are internet users! This is insane! So if you don't have a website by now, it's time to consider that option!

Now, let's start explain the term social media. After all, that is what we help our clients with: Social Media is a platform where people can connect using the internet - a place where they can talk to each other, share their feelings, share posts that they enjoy and obviously market and promote! The most famous platform, Facebook.

Let me explain: If you post an advertisement on Facebook, it has the potential to reach 36% of South Africa! That means that 36 out of 100 South Africans will know about your business, your specials and if interested, will become potential buyers!

It's easy - we save you time, money and frustrations!

Obviously for a business to successfully succeed in social media, they have to have a website. This is where all your your social and digital marketing content meet. if you haven't done so already Olive Media can create a website of your choice.

We will also share your monthly statistics with you so we can both see what tactics are working and which not, since no business is ever the same. Together we can make your business grow!

Certain platforms require payments if you would like to advertise and reach a lot of people. People waste money since they don’t know who their audience are and without making the proper changes, just click to advertise. Olive Media specializes in finding the perfect persona and can help you target the right audience! This is already part of your payment option and we can use this to promote special events, calendar days or special promotions in store!

Olive Media is committed to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations!

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